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The new architecture led + IGBT: what can bring new application

Reverse conductivity type IGBT will diode and IGBT integration in the same chip

Save a space, the price is low

175 degrees, EMI junction temperature effect is good

Areas of application:

Washing machines, vacuum cleaners, washing the dishes device, air conditioning, the refrigerator compressor, servo drive, fan

Because now the rapid development of economy, energy consumption is also increased dramatically, how do we reduce the energy loss do energy conservation and emission reduction? This requires our product has a higher efficiency and lower cost. And for a high-performance systems, it is particularly important to the choice of semiconductor devices. Today I introduce is infineon a new reverse conductivity type IGBT. We know that the traditional IGBT, diode and IGBT is separate two wafer, and that a new reverse conductivity type IGBT is will the diode and integrated in the same wafer IGBT above, they have the same current levels. New reverse conductivity type IGBT cited what technology? First, it is introduced a field, it is also terminated technology greatly reduces the thickness of the wafer, that it has a very low saturated conductivity pressure drop, so as to improve the overall efficiency. The second point is introducing a channel grid technology, further reducing the saturated conductivity pressure drop, because saturated conductivity pressure drop is decided by the carriers, and the concentration of equivalent introduced for carriers in gully gate introduces a channel, make its saturated conductivity pressure will further reduce conduction, thus reduce consumption. The third is quoted a reverse conductivity type diode, will the diode integration can be greatly reduced IGBT in inside its volume.

The current reverse conductivity type IGBT have two kinds of packaging situation, one kind is IPAK encapsulation, in addition is DPAK encapsulation, current four Ann, six Ann, 10 Ann and 15 Ann four ranks. Its main characteristic is a very low price, and save a space. The cost of semiconductor device it depends primarily on two aspects, one is its wafer, reduce the number of wafer from two wafer reduced to a wafer can reduce costs. Additional words, this T0220 encapsulation and this D2PARK encapsulation can reduce into IPARK encapsulation and DPARK encapsulation, and reduce the cost, reduce the package will reduce its word also encapsulate the space, but reduces the wafer words will not affect the performance of it? First we see, it has a very low saturated conductivity pressure drop of its performance, without any influence. By changing the other driver resistance level, in the door wide range regulate its opening and shut off the time, have a very good EMI effect, very smooth switch waveform, the short circuit protection ability, 5us supreme junction temperature can reach 175 degrees. This is the reverse conductivity type, the main parameters of IGBT is its breakdown voltage, this is it, this is the current 175 saturated conductivity pressure drop, this is switch short-circuit protection ability, this is the ability, this is its door level for a driving voltage, basically the product can choose; 2million four Ann's IGBT, 600W words can choose a six Ann, 1000W can choose a 10 Ann, 1500W 15W can choose the product.

For if selects from power density of this small package IPARK products to replace TO220 encapsulation of words, area can reduce 75%, height can reduce 49%. And in this DPARK packaging products, if to replace D2PARK this product, and its area can reduce 63%, height also can be reduced to 49%.

This is a practical PCP board for the figure, we see IGBT D2PARK words, it with two teeth in the area about 2.5 cm DPARK encapsulation, and if you use word can be reduced to 1.5 centimeters, meanwhile it compared with IGBT module to the words can save the cost of us $0.5, so for some consumer market low-cost products this quite important.

Summarize the important characteristics, a IGBT is cost, because it USES a wafer, so it costs a lot of advantages; And because cut it encapsulation, can give PCB leave more space, further improve product power density. At the same time it also has a very good performance, very low saturated conductivity pressure drop, a very soft switching characteristics is very helpful for EMI, it also has a very good temperature characteristic, the tallest temperature can reach 175 degrees. Blue curve is reverse conductivity type IGBT TO220 encapsulates the saturation and the comparison of conduction pressure drop. This is to use a six Ann's products in for comparison, when the current in the six Ann can see saturated conductivity pressure drop is very low.

The measure of a IGBT quality have two very important indicators, one is it's saturated conductivity pressure drop Vce (sat), is, another is switch ullage, namely Eoff. For the low frequency for applications, saturated conductivity occupy absolute pressure drop is dominant, so choose this RC - Drives IGBT would be a very good choice, because we could see this RC - the saturated conductivity Drives IGBT pressure drop is far less than some of the products on the market. This is in a brushless motor depletion above analysis.

This is 25 degrees, this is the loss of the 175 loss when, can see the blue this wire, basically it with the loss of TO220 packaging products differ is not very great. This is based on just a loss based on analysis, first in the 4K Hertz when frequency can see, this shallow blue is the diode is switch loss, this is diode conduction loss, this is the switch ullage, this IGBT is IGBT conduction loss. Can see in under the condition of 4K conduction loss this part and this part is the absolute dominance of. So for a low frequency for applications to reduce its saturated conductivity pressure drop is quite important for IGBT, when it's frequency is increased, it switching losses will be slightly rising a little.

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