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Electric vehicle" strong" head capacitor industry entered the era of violence
<P src="在北京“限行令”下,車牌搖號比例已經超過28:1,激烈程度讓很多人望而生畏。而此時,北京再次出臺一條新政“凡是購買電動車的車主,除將享受一定的優惠補貼外,還將享受不搖號、不限行、不納稅(國家代付)的優惠政策”。與此同時,科技部、工信部和國資委也都出臺政策支持新能源汽車產業的發展,分別為《國家“十二五”電動汽車科技產業化重大專項項目》、《節能與新能源汽車產業發展規劃》和《央企純電動車投資規劃》。從三大政策的細則可以看出,三部委已經將關注及投入重點統一到著重發展純電動和插電式混合動力的產業化方向上,同時也將加大對混合動力汽車的市場推廣力度。并且,未來十年將會注入近千億元的投入,足見政府對新能源汽車的重視程度。""在北京“限行令”下,車牌搖號比例已經超過28:1,激烈程度讓很多人望而生畏。而此時,北京再次出臺一條新政“凡是購買電動車的車主,除將享受一定的優惠補貼外,還將享受不搖號、不限行、不納稅(國家代付)的優惠政策”。與此同時,科技部、工信部和國資委也都出臺政策支持新能源汽車產業的發展,分別為《國家“十二五”電動汽車科技產業化重大專項項目》、《節能與新能源汽車產業發展規劃》和《央企純電動車投資規劃》。從三大政策的細則可以看出,三部委已經將關注及投入重點統一到著重發展純電動和插電式混合動力的產業化方向上,同時也將加大對混合動力汽車的市場推廣力度。并且,未來十年將會注入近千億元的投入,足見政府對新能源汽車的重視程度。 ">In Beijing" limit order", license-plate lottery ratio has exceeded28:1, the intense degree seem daunting at first. Meanwhile, Beijing once again introduced a new " who buy a car owner, will enjoy certain preferential subsidies, will also enjoy Yaohao, is not restricted to go, do not pay taxes (the country on behalf of the preferential policies )". At the same time, the Ministry of science and technology, Ministry of information and national endowment appoint also the introduction of policies to support the development of new energy automotive industry, respectively, as" national " 925" electric vehicle industrialization of science and technology major special project"," energy saving and new energy automobile industry development plan" and the" central enterprises investment planning" pure electric vehicle. From the three major policy rules can be seen, three ministries will have attention and focus in uniform to focus on the development of pure electric and plug-in hybrid industrialization direction, at the same time will also increase the hybrid cars market promotion strength. And, the future ten years will inject nearly 100 billion yuan investment, shows that the government on the new energy automotive attention degree.

As the center of East China, the government of Shanghai in the development of new energy vehicles, spare no effort. In 2011, the domestic focus of 41city already built electric vehicle charging station 76, Shanghai construction is the largest. In April this year, the United States Wall Street Journal Chinese net report, global famous automotive company Volvo subsidiary and SAIC reach cooperative agreement, will be in Shanghai to build the joint venture companies, to research and development of new energy vehicle transmission system. Thus, Shanghai new energy automobile construction has to sail drive.

" In recent years, because of the new energy industry especially the new energy automobile industry rapid development, as the core power of the super capacitor energy storage device has entered a stage of rapid development." Electronic industry association responsible person introduced to, the super capacitor is the most advanced energy storage equipment. The energy storage device is composed of electric energy into chemical energy, then the chemical energy into electrical energy, two transformations of energy loss, the super capacitor charged directly, then directly discharge, energy form did not change, no loss of energy, charge and discharge efficiency can reach 98%; economic value, cost only the lead-acid battery70%. Super capacitor electric buses to environmental protection, energy saving, low cost advantage in performance, has become the modernization of public traffic of the best solution, but also the aerospace, military, environmental aspects of the force.

Industry sources told reporters, the car battery mainly has the following four kinds: the most low-grade lead-acid batteries, heavy pollution, is currently only used for electric bicycle. A low battery, characteristic is the price expensive, traveling is very short, electric vehicles have no future. Another good point is the lithium iron phosphate batteries, the price more expensive, most electric vehicles have been used, and the realization of a charging running100~120km. Then there is the need to start the engine mixed power to extend the mileage, but risks. The best is the super capacitor battery, cheap price, maintenance free,10~50million charge discharge cycle life, will become the mainstream of power battery.

" It is with the market prospects are broad, more and more enterprises are super electrical spare no effort to open up the market." Industry sources. In such big environment and numerous policy support, by Chinese Institute of electronics, Guangdong Province Power Industry Association and Guangdong Zhenwei Exhibition Limited company to be held jointly, China's largest, most influential exhibition -- Shanghai international super capacitor industry exhibition ( CSCF ), will be in 2011September 19-21 in Shanghai Everbright Convention and Exhibition Center is held ceremoniously. At the appointed time, CSCF will join the Maxwell, LS, huge volume, Aowei, Baina, PU, Tatsu, Juli, era of ultrasound, Hui Cheng, Li Yuan, to-stock, Lange, win together, Yang Yu, friends of automation, Yongxing industry and other well-known international super capacitor industry chain enterprises to jointly build the grand meeting of the industry.

" Predictable, the super capacitor of good has come of age." The responsible person also said, in response to industry current development momentum, the show also will hold"2011China battery technology innovation ( Shanghai) forum", as a professional technology forum, the organizing committee invited to numerous domestic and foreign industry experts to the scene audience and exhibitors face-to-face communication, discuss the new policy trigger the opportunities and challenges, and coping strategies, to industry for the future development of new ideas and new directions.

In addition, at the beginning of this year, China for private purchase of new energy auto finance subsidy policy to come on stage formally, new policy choice Shanghai, Shenzhen5city as the start of the private purchase of new energy vehicles subsidies pilot, plug-in hybrid cars each vehicle maximum allowance 50000yuan; pure electric vehicles in each vehicle maximum allowance 60000yuan. Market personage points out, this will become a super capacitor further development opportunity.

The super capacitor on the downstream industry development will be a strong support of the government. It uses decide its strategic value, the major global countries have invested a lot of manpower and material resources to research and development. In view of this, the well-known domestic and foreign super power enterprises have to be eager for a fight, through the Shanghai super capacitor show the effective platform for a bigger share of the market.