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The high side of the capacitor will usher in a wave of growth in spring tide

Application of pulling capacitors downstream and burgeoning demand, import substitution space is huge: aluminum electrolytic capacitors are essential components of electronic circuit, output accounts for30% of the total output capacitor. 2010-2012 global aluminum electrolytic capacitor market will maintain the growth of 3%-7%, a new LED backlight LCD TV, air conditioner, high-speed rail, new energy demand. China's aluminum electrolytic capacitors for many years to maintain 20%-30% demand gap, and with foreign imports to make up, especially high-end aluminum electrolytic capacitor, the Japanese manufacturer has great market share, so the import substitution, has a large space.

The Japanese companies dominate the market, Chinese enterprises are proceed with determination. Past Japanese downstream electronic enterprises to select only Japanese capacitor enterprise suppliers. After the 311 earthquake in Japan electronic enterprises aware of the necessity of dispersive suppliers, Japanese capacitor companies will have to accelerate through cooperation with the Chinese-funded foreign transfer way to own industrial chain, which will be good to have technology and advantages of the industrial chain of China capacitor industry.

The domestic enterprise layout upstream materials production, strengthen the industry chain upstream control. Electrode foil for aluminum electrolytic capacitor is made of the key materials. Domestic aluminum industry after years of development, already implemented scale. Thousand abundant science and technology, the company and Kempson and other enterprises have formed foil production line, the future will be further expanded to meet the supply demand, strengthen the upstream control force.

Polymer solid state capacitor vast room for growth. Polymer solid state capacitor in conductive characteristic, frequency characteristic, stability, service life and other superior to traditional electrolytic capacitor, suitable for light and thin electronic products, and product gross margin of 30% - 70%, replacement to upgrade will promote growth in profits.