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Components: power electronics industry development was observed at the time

However, due to China's power electronics industry itself started rather late, and in early development have not attracted enough attention, so that electron of our country electric power industry has been in foreign capital surrounded hobbled. So far, China's high performance and large power IGBT market almost entirely occupied by foreign enterprises, domestic production enterprises and even without a complete production line, the domestic electric power industry development is difficult and heavy.

In spite of this, but this does not mean that domestic enterprises have no chance. China's electric industry after a period of accumulation, already have a certain production capacity: in the material, Tianjin Central semiconductor Limited by Share Ltd zone melting monocrystalline silicon production and sales have been ranked third in the world; in a full controlled devices, our country enterprise also has some advantages, such as in a FRD device, homemade devices in domestic market share of more than 80% share; in full control type power semiconductor devices, our country has been in the low-end performance device manufacturing technology, many enterprises for 600V~ 1200V,20A ~80A IGBT device production entered the stage of the trial, it can be said that China's power electronics industry has a certain foundation, just need to further expand the market. The current foreign manufacturers of concentrated in major markets in power electronics, electrical energy, automotive electronics and other fields, and in energy saving household appliance market, the domestic power electronic devices are to have access to a space for one person. The field of home appliances using the IGBT voltage is usually below 1700V, in this context, the Chinese enterprises have mass production of this product. In addition, homemade device cost than the foreign enterprises low15%~ 20%, if the domestic alternative, will make the household electrical appliance enterprises reduce costs significantly, in the fierce competition of home appliance market is undoubtedly very attractive.

To sum up, China's power electronics industry in the external environment, ability, market opportunity is faced with good opportunities, at present still need to be in high performance and large power device and module technology breakthrough. At present our country electric power enterprises through the acquisition of foreign enterprises and foreign companies in the manufacturing process have mastered some technique, to realize the final breakthrough is just a matter of time.