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Semikron optimization drive technology by electric power system SKAI?in hybrid and electric vehicle

Semikron optimization drive technology by electric power system SKAI?in hybrid and electric vehicle

The power electronic system the two feature is the crimping technology and machinery of highly integrated, both of which are mixed power electric automobile technology the milepost.

In May 25, 2004, New Zealand on Fort -- from Semikron for hybrid and electric vehicles development optimization module SKAITM, because of its special pressure welding technology and mechanical integration, to meet the high reliability requirement of auto industry. On product performance, and previously developed products compared to SKAI?module obtained great progress.

SKAI ?is a three-phase inverter module, used in the DC power supply (from the fuel cell ) into AC power ( supply motor ) and with energy feedback circuit. The system with integrated DSP controller, drive and protection circuit, DC capacitor, semiconductor, insulator, sensor, liquid cooling circuit and communication vehicle CAN bus interface.

The power electronics module contains two kinds of topology. Its a IGBT module is designed with 600V/1200V,500A/400A specifications output capacity, suitable for 50~200KW power of the motor, and the second topology of the MOSFET module is designed with 75V/100V/150V,700A/600A/500A specifications output capacity, suitable for 3~20KW power motor.

SKAI ?is Semikron in the past mainly for the automotive field patent press-fit technique -- SKiiP ?technology developed on the basis of. In fact, thanks to its SKiiP ? technology, Semikron known battery car power electronic system professional supplier award has been more than 10 years of history, especially in the field of forklift truck. This is used for all the electrical contact and the thermal contact crimping technology, to extend the product life and improve temperature cycling capacity. With welding, crimping technology to shock, vibration and high environment temperature insensitive, and can ensure the heat diffusion to the radiator. " It is the crimping technology helps us in the automotive industry stand firm calcaneal," Semikron international marketing / Marketing Director Peter Frey says," it is the high demand, low cost, safety first auto industry provides security services".

SKiiP ?technology has been used in many electric cars, such as Opel Zafira, BMW E1, Ford Think ( formerly Pivco ), Fiat Seicento Elettra, Daimler Chrysler A-Class, Audi Duo, hybrid bus project, VW Power Golf, Chrysler Epic. In addition to hybrid electric vehicles and fuel cell vehicles, SKiiP ? technology in forklift truck, flat transmission belts, community automobile and tractor are widely used.

The Semikron product strategy background, Peter Frey said:" for us, now the internal combustion engine the most potential alternatives is the hybrid electric vehicles and hydrogen fuel cell vehicle. The idea that existed in nineteenth Century, rather than the newly found out. " Fuel cell electric engine does not produce harmful emissions, low noise, high energy utilization efficiency. So that we in the field of research and development time has maintained a high-spirited passion."