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Welcome to the Community made ESO Database here at ESOWiz The Simplest and Easiest Elder Scrolls Online Database

ESOWiz is an Elder Scrolls Online Database that is full of items, characters and maps from within the game. We hold information on Item Attributes such as Damage, Health, Enchants, Vendor Price, Guild Shop Price, Dropped By, Drop Rate and more! So if you need to know where to find an item or NPC than use our quick search function and you'll see all the details you will need. We are run be real gamers and real ESO community members - so we have the passion to keep you up to date as much as we can with item details, prices and locations. As we are run by real gamers and not by a media business or company we are always looking for helpers with adding new items, NPC's and updating already inputted items with the latest information into our elder scrolls online eso database. See our Volunteers page below to get involved.

ESO Hut will tell you a lot about crafting, trading, classes and other aspects in Elder Scrolls Online MMO game.